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We're passionate about protecting your privacy and have the best privacy policy in the business.

Try this simple experiment: ask someone to describe his or her dream vacation. You’ll hear about beaches, mountains, and time with loved ones. It’s almost impossible to get a non-response. What’s interesting is that people:

  • Have an answer. No one says they’re waiting for a suggestion from the Yellow Pages or a telemarketer. People know what they want.
  • Almost never mention when they want to take a vacation. Yet marketers always try to rush us into making a decision. Like an offer that is only good if you act now.
  • Almost never mention price. It’s important, but let’s find the right product first.

With the vacaion answer, tour companies are able to put together relevant vacation packages. So, what’s missing? The identity of the person!!! Companies do not need to know who a person is!

We’re pioneering the concept of what a person wants being more important than who that person is. That’s why we do not need your personal information – nor do we ask for it. We protect your privacy by not knowing who you are.

YourCommand searches day and night for what you want. Other search engines quit. We continue searching for the best deals. If something is urgent and we find a good match, we send you an alert. We can even alert you when you’re getting physically close to the product, service, or person that you want.

Our goals are protecting your privacy by giving you control, saving you time, making your life simpler, and slashing the ridiculous costs of things like finding a buyer for your home. Check out these examples for finding your dream job, your dream relationships, your dream car, your dream home, or even a dream lender.


We put you in control of every relationship. Being anonymous gives you control, but no one wants to live in a cave. We permit you to contact other people and companies in a new, innovative way. We provide a private messaging system where the receiver, not the sender, controls the relationship. The way to continue the relationship is to reply to the previous message. And the way to end any relationship is by doing nothing!

This makes all messages relevant and respectful of your time. For example, if you ask a car dealer a question, they have just one chance to please you – because if they do not, you will end the relationship by not replying. Taking back control means eliminating the people selling you things you do not want!

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