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A Win for Companies

We provide an accurate picture of what people want.

We reduce costs by reducing waste.

We eliminate the need to profile.

                  More profitable

We create a trusted place so that people can give us an accurate picture of what they want.

The current marketing methods rely on flawed guesswork. Companies collect personal and behavioral data (often violating privacy laws), guess what people want, place an ad, and then wait for someone to click.  And they do… less than 1% of the time. This is like a teenage girl waiting for her boyfriend to call.

It's well-known that the more money a person has, the more they value their privacy. And the more they value their privacy, the harder it is to reach them.

YourCommand offers something completely new – a way to proactively reach out to people based on what they want and not who they are. Think of it as the world’s first search engine to find the best consumers.

YourCommand searches day and night to find the best match for what people want, and this creates leads. When a good match is found, YourCommand’s private messaging gives companies a direct way to communicate with prospective buyers, but in a way that respects their privacy.

YourCommand is also pioneering the concpt of a Close Hit™ so that companies can learn from people who showed a partial interest. We provide tools that help companies quantify lost sales so that they can fine-tune their merchandising.

We reduce costs by reducing waste. Because leads are based on current demand, companies get significantly higher click-through rates. We also provide ways to reduce inventory to only carry items people actually want. For some categories, inventory costs can be eliminated.

YourCommand’s search is based on matching specific features and not just price. This helps companies differentiate and protect their margins. YourCommand also gives companies new tools to learn from their competitors. How much traffic are they getting? Why do people buy from them and not from you? YourCommand is pioneering new types of marketing intelligence never before offered.

We eliminate the need to profile. YourCommand’s leads are based on the most valuable type of data – unfulfilled customer demand. Research shows that this is orders of magnitude more valuable than profiles compiled from collecting personal and behavioral data. YourCommand generates leads that show the specific features important to each person so that companies can tailor a product to each person's needs. This mass customization increases your sales while protecting your margins.

YourCommand even generates leads in real-time as new people get close to your location. This offers Location Based Services (LBS) in a way that respects the privacy of each person – another first.

Finally, YourCommand puts companies in compliance with all US and EU privacy. This makes you a privacy champion rather than a privacy violator.

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