About Us

Stalking you and selling your information without permission is out of control. Industry self-regulation has not worked, so we've created a better way to search that actually benefits all parties.
Doug & Laban   

We’re a couple of aging revolutionaries… old men with young ideas. We’ve decided to tackle some problems that we all experience on the Internet. The result is YourCommand.

We focus on what you need and not who you are. Our patent shows that this is original work and non-obvious, protects us from patent trolls, and ensures that no one can somehow use this against you.

Our journey has been interesting.

Doug Peckover (on the left) has been designing systems since the late 60′s. As a young man, he became HP’s first systems analyst to work outside North America. He later formed Checkmate Systems that invented the modern cash register. IBM’s prestigious Usability Labs in England evaluated Checkmate and gave its highest score ever. Doug then sold Checkmate to a multinational firm and it was translated into 12 languages for the international market.

During this time, Doug gained firsthand knowledge about how retail works. He realized then that “know thy customer” has little to do with making a profit. In fact, his most profitable client taught him that the less personal information it has about its customers, the more money it makes!

To learn more about how personal information is collected and used, Doug joined the firm that actually invented database marketing. What he learned was disturbing – data was being collected and used without anyone’s knowledge or consent. The data was used, for example, to get people in Florida to eat more really unhealthy food. And how a 2% promotional yield was considered highly successful. And how this invasive and inefficient practice meant that this 2% had to pay for the marketing waste to the other 98%. It was a hazardous intersection of people being stalked and money being wasted.

Then along came the Internet, where companies now make even more money at the expense of a person’s personal privacy. Collecting personal information without permission has become the new norm – so common that industry associations now openly defy any attempt to protect you.

Doug saw this coming and decided to use his unique combination of international experience, computer design, retail management, data collection and use, privacy regulations, and common sense to create a win-win for both people and companies. Because companies will continue to stalk you until there is a better way to collect marketing data.

YourCommand is the result of a decade of research, prototypes, and testing.

Companies will always seek the path of least resistance to making more money, and YourCommand does this in a way that saves you time and protects your privacy. It’s so simple that it’s amazing it has never been done before (as shown by our patent being  original). But as a geek working in a lab Doug’s communication skills had grown rusty, so another aging revolutionary was needed to explain and position YourCommand’s win-win business model.

Laban Coblentz (above on the right) filled this need perfectly with his equally impressive national and international experience. This isn’t the first high-profile challenge he’s tackled. On Capital Hill, Laban worked with Senators Joe Lieberman and Fred Thompson to create The E-Government Act of 2002, paving the way for government to use the Internet for the more effective delivery of services.

At the International Atomic Energy Agency, Laban was the speechwriter and communication adviser for Director General Mohamed ElBaradei, contributing to pivotal policy decisions including the high-stakes nuclear nonproliferation crises in Iraq, Iran, Libya, and North Korea. As a result, he was a member of the team that won the2005 Nobel Peace Prize.

As an executive at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Laban caught the entrepreneurial bug. His passion? Bringing advanced technology out of obscurity to solve global challenges. When he discovered Doug’s revolutionary approach to protecting consumer privacy, he knew it was a winner.

Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein are two honorary team members because of their eloquent explanation of how you benefit from our core principles.