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Brief History of Search

Search results are manipulated by companies trying
to sell you more stuff.

Only neutral sources like Consumer Reports give unbiased recommendations that you can trust. YourCommand is what Consumer Reports would look like if it was personalized for your specific needs.

This creates a win-win for you and for companies.

How YourCommand Works

Google is the most popular search engine, but it’s user interface is a bewildering array of results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) companies manipulate these results for their benefit. They use tools like eye-tracking software to analyse your behavior. The most important part is what they call the “golden triangle.”

This shows that the sponsored link above the “organic” listing gets some clicks, the first three organic listings on the left get the most clicks, the sponsored links on the right get the fewest clicks, and people want relevant results and seldome go past the first screen.

SEM companies will do just about anything to manipulate your search results to make money. For example a search for identity theft insurance returns the ad on the left while the search for identity theft prevention returns the ad on the right:

      Identity Theft Insurance
      Keep your Credit Safe from Fraud.
      ID Theft Services at
Identity Theft Prevention
Keep your Credit Safe from Fraud.
ID Theft Services at

Note that these are for the same myFICO product. Since when does insurance prevent a theft??? Insurance has nothing to do with theft prevention and is clear example of manipulation that is good for a company and bad for you.

Thge privacy violations and manipulation helped us decide to offer a search alternative. We wanted something that was simpler than Google, that kept looking day and night for your best results, and something that could not be manipulated. We filed a patent based on this proof-of-concept showing what a personalized Consumer Reports would look like if it was personalized for your specific needs.

We're releasing a mobile version so that where you are can be included as a search criteria. For example, YourCommand can notify you if you're driving near a house that you might be interested in.

We tested our assumptions with a professional survey firm that asked these questions:

This research is significant because it shows that YourCommand is good for people (they’ll use it) while also being good for companies (buyers are happy to clicking on relevant results). This is important because the only way to get companies to respect your privacy is by giving  them better data than they can get by secretly profiling you.

This research shows that YourCommand is significantly better than the 1% response rates that companies are currently getting from search engines. This creates the win-win that is needed.

For more information about how YourCommand works, click here.