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Brief History of Privacy

Scott McNealy once said“you have zero privacy… get over it.” And he was right... until now.

YourCommand is pioneering a new concept where the less personal information a company collects, the more money it can make.

You can now say “I have privacy… get used to it.”

      We're Different

           Profiling Doesn't Work

Question: What product or service had the fastest consumer adoption rate in history?

Answer: It wasn’t the microwave oven or cell phone. Incredibly, it was the Do Not Call Registry. A total of 60 million people signed up in just 3 months, and it now protects more than 200 million people in just the US! Incredibly, the most popular service is “no more products.” People are sick of having their privacy violated.

On the Web, privacy policies have been around since the 90′s but they have failed to protect anyone. Companies usually do not want to violate your privacy, but making money is more important. Click on this article to learn more...

With their insatiable need to profile you, and with millions of lines of code running on millions of components in your devices, no company will guarantee your privacy. Here’s the reason why the privacy problem has got worse and will continue to get worse:

YourCommand breaks this cycle with something that is so simple and so counterintuitive that no one has ever tried it before:

The reason why this works is simple - we gain your trust by never asking for any personal information. You can then tell us the products, services, and people you want without any risk. We force others to focus on what you want and not who you are. Companies get better information so that thet they can reduce their costs and serve you better. You're always in control.

YourCommand provides a safe space – a place you can trust – because you’re anonymous. It’s like Winston Churchill who said that it’s wonderful how men keep secrets they have never been told. What you want is important… who you are is not.

For more information about how YourCommand works, click here.