How it works

YourCommand is like one table for people buying and selling a home, one for buying and selling a car, another for finding a person, etc. There are dozens of tables for dozens of categories, and each has people around it watching the activity. No one knows the identity of the other people but can see what interests them. The focus is on what people want and not who they are.

Each person can be a buyer, a seller, both, or just an observer. For example, you could be selling your old car while observing and learning from others buying and selling the same model, while at the same time buying a new car while learning from others about this model.

Unique features around the table

  • We immediately show you the best results but more importantly, we continue searching day and night for better results. Your search is a magnet that attracts new buyers and sellers to the table. This “persistent” search saves you time and enables others to respond to your specific needs. Your anonymous search continues until you stop it so, for example, you could use YourCommand to continuously look for a better job without any of the risks associated with sites like There's more on job searching in the examplw below.

  • You can check YourCommand at any time to see the best results found so far. You can also request an alert for automatic notifications. For example, you could set an alert if a price drops to an acceptable number.

  • Your search criteria may include location and distance information. You can ask YourCommand to alert you if you get near one of the things you are looking for. An example might be if a match to your “dream home” is within 10 miles of where you are driving.

  • YourCommand introduces the brand new, unique, and patented concept of a Close Hit™ which is information about the people who found you but did not take any action. You can see what they wanted and how this comppares with what you offer. You can even compare this with how similar searches are doing and why they are having more success. You can then make changes to your own search accordingly.

  • Other searches are difficult to use because they are hierarchical. For example, if side airbags are an important feature in your car search, you still have to start searches by selecting a make/model and then finding your way down to the safety features. It’s up to you to do the research so you know which makes/models to search, remembering the results of each. YourCommand lets you search all makes/models based on just side airbags if that’s what is important to you. All of the results shown together ranked according to what best matches your needs. This is much simpler!

  • YourCommand has its own private messaging system which introduces a new control feature we call the “baton.” When you send a message, you pass the baton to the other person and he/she controls the relationship. If that person replies, then you have the baton and control the relationship. This gives the receiver control of any relationship, so the way you end any relationship is by simply not replying. This means that messages have to be relevant and respectful. No more salespeople bugging you! You're aleays in control.

A job search example

You’re interested in looking for another job but know that in some companies, getting caught job-hunting is cause for immediate dismissal. So you’re one of the millions of “passive” job seekers who do not want to risk losing your current job. You safely enter your dream job into YourCommand because of its anonymity and persistence. Your job search is much more precise than a resume because it focuses on your skills and the type of environment you're looking for.

Suppose that several positions are immediately suggested but are not good matches. You simple let YourCommand continue its search. A week later, you get a private message about a job that is too far away. You end the conversation by not replying. You later notice that you’re getting Close Hits™ from companies not actually contacting you because they require a skill that you do not have. You search for other job seekers with that skill and privately ask them how they acquired it. You find the comments helpful because you can get this skill from an online course, so you contact the companies to let them know you're aquiring this skill. When you complete it, you update your search experience to get more hits.

YourCommand helps wih this type of mentoring at each table for how to sell your home, find the right relationship, buy a car, etc.

Say that before you finish the online course, you’re on your way to a friend’s home when you get an alert from YourCommand on your phone that a nearby firm is looking for a person with your experience. You had not even thought of working in this industry, but it’s close to where you live and they’ll even pay for your course. You send this firm a private message and begin a dialogue to get more details. When you’re comfortable, you arrange for a confidential interview.

For more on finding your dream job and the mentoring that YourCommand provides, click here.

Even after you get your new job, you keep YourCommand’s job search going because it helps you understand the market conditions and gives you direct, confidential access to your own peer group.

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